Yoga Series: Strength

Let me start by saying I'm sorry for these awful photos.  I'm tired and my hubs isn't exactly a fantastic photographer, 'nough said.  My form is a bit off but I had to get this post out.  I must also add a little disclaimer that I am NOT a professional.  I am a practicer and lover of Yoga.

The plank

Oh yes, the plank is a strength move.  Oh yeah.

Warrior 1

Sorry for the crappy photo, apparently he didn't realize he had his finger over the flash.

Warrior 2

1 minute in this position and your legs will be begging you to sit.

Warrior 3

Also known as flying bird, this is also a balance position.

Downward Facing Dog

Ok, I suck at this position but I've been trying to get better at it.  I can't get my heels to the ground, I can't straighten my legs, and I can't relax my back.  See, I'm definitely not a professional, I'm just trying to get better through practice.


This pose took alot of work.  Alot of practice. And it still is hard for me to hold for more than 5 seconds.


Looks like a pelvis thrust but with the hands pushing up your waist, it definitely kicks in your abs and buttocks!

Chair is another good one to try to work on strengthening those thighs.  Think wall squats with no wall.

Try them out and let me know what you think!

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