Yoga Series: Relaxation

I cannot express how upset I was that my yoga class was cancelled today!  I just love the hour of stretching, pushing limits, and thoughtless comfort.  Luckily, I was fully intending on writing this post for you so I got to do a little at home!

Today's theme is Relaxation.  Oh yes, relaxing is needed by us all!  I've demostrated some poses below but I have to disclaim that I am NOT a professional!  I do what I can and what is comfortable to me as you should for your own self.  If you have questions feel free to ask and I will answer them to the best of my ability.  I share with you because I know yoga can be daunting and I want to show you that any ole gal can do it!

I can't do a full Lotus.  I'm just not flexible like that.  I also have a hard time sitting indian style for very long so I've been working on this seemingly simple pose to get better.

Looks lame BUT it's really relaxing.  I mean how often do you just lay down on the ground and let your legs flop out and your arms and hands relax at your sides.  Just close your eyes and RELAX!

Stand with your legs spread and lean forward slowly to touch the ground.  Then look at the back of one hand and follow it as your raise it to the ceiling, then alternate your arms slowly.  I love this pose because it just seems to unwind me.

Put the souls of your feet together in front of you around 2 feet away and lean forward.  Don't pull hard and just let your body lean forward for a good warming stretch.

Plow is just bringing those legs over your head.  If you can touch the floor with your feet then that's awesome.  I can take my toes to the floor but it's not comfortable so I don't do it.  This feels great to your back.

Lay on your tummy then push up with your hands.  Be sure to keep your shoulders down, I have a bad habit of letting my shoulders inch up to my ears.  This feels so great on the back especially after doing some ab work.

Love this one.

Let your back dip.

Push your back up.

Always grounding.

From Mountain just lean forward and let your neck and arms relax and hang.

Ahh.  Feels good!


What the Headsweats hat?  OR how about the Swiftwick socks!

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