Yoga Series: Abs

First of all, I have to give the disclaimer that just about EVERY move in yoga is working on your abs.  After all your abs are your core and your core allows you to bend and move and twist.  Personally, I have never been content with my abs but I like them the best when I've been running and doing yoga.  When I run it seems to burn the fat on my body right where I want it to.  When I do yoga I can feel the strength in all areas of my body grow because my abs are so much firmer.

Enough about me!  Let's check out some Yoga Abs moves!

Bound Triangle

Photo courtesy of Healthy Body Healthy Life
It can take a few days, weeks, or months to work into this but you can start with a basic triangle and then slowly work on getting your arms behind you.


Photo courtesy of Yoga Journal
This is a great one for mods.  Pictured is a full boat, I can't even do this steady! You can make it easier to build up your strength by bending your knees so your calves are parallel to the floor or even place your feet on the floor or hover your feet just off the floor.  Don't forget to breath!


Who can forget the PLANK!  Check out variations here.

More yoga...

These are just a few abs moves.  To see more yoga check out my balance post.  I do want to disclaim that I am NOT a professional and do not have any certifications.  What I share is what I have learned because I am just like you and I want to show you that anyone can learn and challenge themselves to do what you set your mind to.

If you want to make your own workouts, my yoga teacher showed me this awesome app that you can make your own workouts or just look up poses for visuals.  It has a free starter and you can buy the full version but so far I've been completely happy with the free version.


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