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Ever since I can remember I have HATED crunches and sit ups.  I can tolerate variations but I LOVE things that work my abs with out having to do crunches and sit ups.  Hello planks! I love em and I love how they help my abs!

I'm joining the phenomenon officially so I thought I would share some variations on the traditional plank with you!  Hope you don't mind the kids toys in the background, hehe!

This is an ordinary plank.  The key is to make to right angles with your arms so you shoulders are right above your elbows.  The rest of your body should be in a straight line, i.e.. NO BUTT HIGH IN THE AIR!

I saw this in my Yoga app and thought it would be a great variation on the plank.  Makes a plank A LOT harder and works the arms tons!

This works the obliques and makes you work on balance.  Keep your body in a straight line like you are all in one plane or smashed up against a wall.  To make it easier, keep you upper hand on your hip. To make it harder, raise it to the ceiling palm facing the same direction as your body and look up at your hand.

Both legs are straight out.  Need it harder? Stack your feet!

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  1. I have to say I hate planks, but I know they are so good for you! My sons prefer a different kind of plank!


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