My Half Marathon must haves

We all have things we need for our runs and have EVERYTHING you need for a those 13.1 miles is SO important!  I literally go into a mini panic when I'm getting everything set out and I actually start getting my stuff together several days prior to the actual race morning.  One of my biggest fears is my ipod dying on me mid run, I lose all focus and get up when I don't have music!

As I wrote this I realized how ridiculously long my list is.  I'm sorry, but to have everything I need makes for a happy run for me.

Must Haves!

Run tracker App

I use one of these for all my runs but not always my half's because I have this neurotic fear that my phone and ipod will die and I will be left all alone and not have anyway to contact anyone.

I have to have these to put in my check-in bag.  When I'm done running I just want to take off my shoes and socks.  I'm not saying these are the greatest thing to put on but they are in my closet and are the easiest to put on my cramping feet.

Especially if it's cold, I have to have chapstick.  I'm crazy about chapstick and when my lips start to hurt I can just slather on this wonderful stuff and I'm in moist lips heaven.

DO NOT WEAR NEW CLOTHES!  Always wear things that you have wore before so there are no surprises like chafing or riding up.

I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 and I love it.  I got it several years ago and I use it on all my runs and this is how I keep track of myself during my whole run. 

 It shows my pace and my time and that's what is most important to me.  I like to know my pace the whole 13.1 miles so I can make sure I'm not going to fast or slow.  I have a bad habit of being very easily paced shaped by folks that try to pass me i.e.. I tend to speed up because they are trying to pass me.  I also like to be aware of my personal time so I can figure out if I need to speed up that last 1-2 mile to beat a time.  This was great for my last half because I realized I was WAY ahead of my target and I only had a mile left so I turned up my speed to beat my old PR by even more!

Sunday morning it's supposed to be in the low 40's so I have to keep my ears covered with a headwrap and gloves.  For me it's important that the gloves are disposable that way if my hands start getting too hot then I can just ditch them and not be sad about the loss.

I love my Snugbud headphones.  I have Ipod headphones but the Snugbud's are like super bass and blast awesomeness.

I actually got this ipod Nano for my hubs a few years ago but I like it so I don't have to use my iphone because once again, I have a fear of using all the battery during the run and being left without a way to contact anyone when I'm done.  Oh when did I develop a fear of my phone dying? lol

I picked up this handy belt at the last expo I went to.  It fits around your waist and has a great zipper spot for your phone and nano.  It also has little notches to fit your gels in.  But the awesomest part is the bibs connection on the bottom.  I've always disliked pinning my bib to my shirt, well this handy belt has a super easy way of attaching your bib and I LOVE it!  I was torn between this belt and another at the Dallas PCS Expo and the bib attach threw me over the edge!

I usually wear a light jacket too that I'll leave in my check in bag since races are so early and I'm a wimp for the cold but I'll wear something like an old long sleeved shirt to wear until I'm in the corral or warmed up running that I don't mind losing forever.

Comfy socks.  Socks that you have run in time and time again.  Seriously it is so annoying to have to keep stopping to pull at your socks!

My Brooks and Orthotics.  My orthotics are custom made after I developed a very serious staph infection after my first half marathon.  So I never, unless I'm wearing my Vibram Five Fingers for short runs, never workout without them.  

My Brooks are a shoe suggested to me from a old favorite running store in Pearland, Texas.  And I've have 3 pairs now and and I just love em!  I'm not a fan of this red color but it's the only color they had!  I like this blue color MUCH better!

I have to have sunglasses.  I cannot run squinting the whole time!  These are cheapies from Academy because I have this terrible habit of breaking sunglasses.

Last but definitely not least (you can laugh at my pic!) is your undergarments.  Some folks don't wear panties when they run but I can't.  This sports bra is a new addition and I'll have a whole post on it next week because it's my new favorite.  But the undies are oldies but goodies.  They have made it through countless races and mud runs and stay right in the right spot and don't rub.  Tried and true!

***Of course as soon as I had posted this I walked upstairs to finish packing and realized, my list wasn't complete.  Two more must haves!

1.  My two little rubber bands!  I ALWAYS do double french braids with my hair.  It's the easiest way for me to wear my hair and it not bounce around or fall out of the ponytail.  There is NO other way to do it.  I used to always do it at track meets and volleyballs games in high school and I still do it for every race, even just a 5k.

2.  My GU energy gels (one of them and it fits right in my belt) and some sort of energy gummies.  I eat the gel at mile 6 and then slowly take in the gummies from mile 8-12.  I usually buy them at the expo the day before the race so I don't have any to show in a picture but you can go to the link and check them out.  I never get chocolate or coffee like because I think they are gross.  I usually get a berry or lemon lime because they are the least gross.  If you know a super yummy gel let me know, I want to try!  And I love the gummies because they add flavor to my mouth and distract me at that point in the race, I'm tired and they add just enough!


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  1. Trying to pin this list from diana rambles party, but it is telling me there are no pinnable images :( but newly following so I can come back and checj from a pc.

    1. Please do come back! I'm sorry it didn't work to pin! I'll have to figure out what's wrong so thanks for the heads up!

  2. Love your Brooks! I am not a runner, but they are the only exercise shoes I will wear!

  3. I attempt one half a year with my sister-in-law. I usually train and then quit and then have to start from scratch again. Looking forward to reading more of your running posts for inspiration!

    1. Once you run one you'll be addicted! I totally agree it gets tough to get through the whole training. I just ran my 2nd in a month and I'm officially taking a break from training. I'm enjoying some stressless workouts!

  4. Great list! I've started taking my slides to wear after the race, they are so comfy!

  5. great call with the flip flops!!! I wish I had had them for my half! I will next time!


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