Muddy Buddy Entry Giveaway

Yesterday we announced our giveaways for this week.  I'm so happy to be hosting a giveaway for an entry into one of the Muddy Buddy races, I have a very personal connection to this giveaway and I have to share!

Last May my friend and I teamed up to run the Austin REI Muddy Buddy Race.  It's a mud run that you CANNOT complete without your buddy.  So every obstacle you have to have your buddy in order to do it.  It was a great team building experience.

The Austin race takes place in Pedernales State Park and is quite a rocky course.  You definitely need to have quick feet and be used to trail running to keep up your tempo on this course.  I loved the scenery throughout the whole race.  Who doesn't love the beauty of central Texas?!? 

Up and down rocky hillsides we went, over barricades, and up a steady flowing ankle deep stream we went.  My personal "wow that was tough" was one of the last obstacles they used to call "The Beast" and now it's the "Slippery Mountain".  Basically you use a rope to climb your way up a steep wooden board.  Seriously, I did not think it would be so tough.  But I was pumped when I got over it! Check out their obstacles

The folks over at Muddy Buddy also run the Rock n Roll series and Women's Run series.  I ran the very first San Antonio Rock n Roll and had a blast seeing all the bands.  These races are incredibly well run and offer so many options.  I'm definitely planning on getting my son entered into the Mini Muddy when he turns 4!

The Muddy Buddy isn't just for fun!  REI's Muddy Buddy series raises money for Prostate Cancer Foundation Athletes for a Cure.  What can you do to help?  Raise $30 or more and receive a REI Muddy Buddy Adventure Series Benefitting the Prostate Cancer Foundation technical t-shirt along with your participant tee. 

The Austin REI Muddy Buddy is on May 11th but you can check out there other dates and locales to see if there's one that is closer to you that you can use your free entry for.  Also, if the registrations are mad crazy full they might even open up a second date (May 12th) for the Austin race!
  • Richmond Apr 20
  • Austin May 11
  • Atlanta June 8
  • Nashville June 22
  • Chicago July 20
  • Boulder August 10
  • Seattle August 18
  • San Jose Sep 28
  • Los Angeles Oct 26

This is my Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon medal and it was my very first half marathon to run!  My time was 2:06 and I sure was proud!

This is my medal from the 2012 Austin Muddy Buddy race.  It was so much fun!  It was my first race after having my second baby and was my official "I'm back!" run.  I wish I was the one winning this giveaway!

I may not run it this year BUT next year I'm totally getting my sweet little boy to be my buddy for the Mini Muddy Buddy!  He's already so excited!

Can't wait?  Head over to www.muddybuddy.com to register!  Check out their facebook page to stay on top of the good stuff!

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  1. Doing my first Mud obstacle course on March 23rd in Austin....would love to win this one in May! =)

  2. I have never tried a Mud Run but would LOVE to!!!

  3. I have never tried a Mud Run, sounds like a load of fun and I have the perfect 'buddy' to go with!

  4. I ran the San Jose Muddy Buddy with my hubby last year. He normally isn't into races but completely supports my running. He had such a blast he wants to do it again this year. And it happens this years is on our 5 year anniversary :)


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