Last day of Muddy Buddy Giveaway!

So weekends aren't exactly the easiest time to find me.  If I don't already have a blog post written and scheduled, it's just not going to happen, especially if I go out of town!


We have several things going on right now.  
  • The Muddy Buddy Entry Giveaway closes TODAY! So if you haven't already be sure to get in there and tell your friends! a Rafflecopter giveaway
  • The FlipBelt Giveaway ends TOMORROW!  This belt is seriously awesome.  Even if you don't run outdoors it is a great handfree way to carry your keys and ipod at the gym.
  • a Rafflecopter giveaway
  • Allied Medals Giveaway opens today, check out How My World Runs for the info and enter to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


You have till midnight on January 30th to enter the photo contests to win a Bondi Band!  Once you enter you photo don't forget to come back on the 31st to vote on your favorite!

Biggest Muscles

Best Workout Bud Funniest Photo


Menu Planning

This is a long week in my cooking kitchen!  I've been pretty proud of how much I'm saving by planning out my meals for the week.  I like to see all my food eaten and my fridge clean on Sunday night.  I will admit that I have mini panic attacks that I'm going to run out of milk (my 3 year old goes through it like crazy) but I've been making it till the next Monday each week since January 1!

  • MONDAY:  Potato soup and "Red Lobster" biscuits.  Both grabbed out of my pantry that I have decided, need to be used NOW!  They are both mixes that I'm going to, of course, add my own random ingredients to make them awesome.
  • TUESDAY:  Jambalaya.  Okay, maybe not like super duper awesome Cajun jambalaya but its our own version.  It's basically red beans and rice with some sausage and Rotel and bell peppers.
  • WEDNESDAY:  Chez it chicken.  I copy this from my SIL.  Roll chicken breasts in crushed chez its and bake.  Yum.
  • THURSDAY:  Chicken Parmeasan.  My sort of knock off version of Chicken Parm.  I love Target's Chicken Parm breasts are perfect and I just cook some pasta and add some sauce and cheese.  
  • FRIDAY:  Don't choke on your wine!  But...GASP!...I'm cooking on Friday.  Taco salad/tacos/quesadillas.  So I should just have stuff and only have to make the taco meat and then make it to order.  Fun Fiesta Friday sans the ritas though...maybe.

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