January Literary Link Up + Photo Contest

Today is the January Literary Link up!  I love this because I've been wanting to do a book club but I haven't really had the means to do it lately.  This way I get to participate without all the work!  Woohoo!

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Here's this month's questions:

1. Which book could you read over and over? Why?
I'm not really a read it over and over kind of gal.  Once I've read it, it's done.

2. If you could be any character from any book you've read, who would you be?
Probably Diana Bishop from Discovery of Witches, sure she has alot of crazy stuff to deal with but she has tons of special powers!  Or maybe Hermine from Harry Potter, she's so smart and pretty! 

3. Do you ever put a book down because you just can't get into it? Or do you stick it out to the bitter end? Any examples?
Yes, Anna Karenina.  I started to get into it but I think I wanted to like it more than I actually did like it.  I'm still trying to read it.

4. Show us your book shelves! Do you have one designated spot in your house for all your books? Do you scatter them around?
Pathetic!  I know!  Why don't they build bookcases in houses anymore?

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#30dayhomies Photo Contest

Seriously who doesn't just love a photo contest?  I submitted this for the Joggermom Marathon (run 26.2 miles in a months time, it happens in May).

Hey, I thought it was cool!  Next week Sarah and I will open a link share post so you can post your photos for our 3 fun categories AND you vote on your favorite!  We want you all to start getting your mind thinking up some great, creative ideas NOW!  The three categories are...(drumroll please) Funniest workout photo, Best workout buddy, and Show us your muscles!  We will be giving away a Bondi Band to each winner based on votes.

So stay tuned for our fun photo contest and show us what you got!


  1. I tried reading Anna Karenina and the Russian names just made it so hard for me to make them into characters. I even tried to give them normal names and that didn't work either. :) Thanks so much for linking up!!

  2. I will have to come back and do the literary link up when I have a picture of my book shelf- its actually not as bad as it was becuase I just reorganized it and boxed up some books for the time being. I agree that bookshelves should be BUILT into homes.. never enough space.


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