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No, this isn't me complaining, because I actually LOVE green beans!  But my SIL showed me this hilarious blog called i hate green beans.

I have totally gotten into the Bachelor and Bachelorette in the last couple seasons.  Like since Ashley, I've been watching.  Let's just say I kind of felt bad for Ashley and I had just moved to a new town and didn't have any friends so I was sort of trying to find new shows to fill up my lonely girl time, so I feel for the Bachelor series.  I luckily missed the whole Brad Womack thing but I loved Ben!  He was so sweet.

I always laugh to myself at how some of these women misconstrue what is going on and how they NEED so many reassurances that he REALLY likes her.  Ok...But I love hearing what others have to say about it all.  I find myself asking my friends or girl family members about the show but I have found a fantastic blogger that is famous for her Bachelor recaps.

Check out ihategreenbeans.com.  Lincee is just funny, funny, funny.  Check her out for another good read!

Menu 1/13

We got back into town on Monday so my menu planning is a bit delayed!

  • Monday:  DiGiorno pizza
  • Tuesday:  Homemade Chinese.  I'm totally getting into making my own Chinese.  Today I used frozen baked Panko crusted cod with brown rice.  The stir fry was just soy sauce, red curry paste, and sesame oil with frozen stir fry veges and brussel sprouts.  Seriously it was sooo good!  Of course I had egg rolls and edamame with it!
  • Wednesday:  Stuffed tomatoes
  • Thursday:  Not sure.  My daughters 1st birthday party is Saturday so I'm a bit unorganized this week.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Even though you rock, I'm confused by how you like green beans. To each her own...


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