Houston Half + Headsweat Giveaway


I ran the Houston Half Marathon yesterday and it was definitely a memorable race.  It was raining the whole time and it was cold!  Usually my body just shuts down when I get cold but yesterday was a different story.  I think something about being cold and wet and knowing I had to be out there was driving me to the finish line...at record speed!

Well, a record for me anyway!  I beat my old PR by four minutes AND I can officially say I run a sub 1:50 half.  Unfortunately my Achilles tendon on my right foot is hurt pretty badly when I'm walking around so I have it bandaged up.  I am simply praying it's just aggravated from the race and isn't anything big.  I'm not very good and not being on my feet!

Today had some funny moments as well.  I saw alot of crack...yeah, as in a lot of one ladies hiney crack! lol I love to people watch while I run these races, I think it's one of the reasons I pay $100+ to do them.  Ridiculous but true.  You have some crazy dressers and you have some "you should definitely not be wearing that"s but I love it all.  There I was minding my own and this little lady is running in front of me and her short are just flapping up and down, up and down with her pace.  I couldn't help but think "That's a lot of flapping!" when along with the flapping I see 3 inches of butt crack!  Of course I looked away and questioned myself whether it really was crack.  Hey, it could have been a nude shirt she had on under her jacket?  Or maybe some sort of running thingamajig that ran down her back?  I don't know, I was just trying to come up with things because surely she would notice if her crack was out!

So I look back, sure enough her shorts are flapping up and down, up and down and it's like crack, no crack, crack, no crack.  She never once grabbed at her shorts to fix them so I guessed that she didn't notice?  I don't know how you couldn't notice something like that but whateve!  By this point I realize that it is time for me to pass her so I had to tell her the sitch.  I go to pass her and simply say, "Ma am, you shorts."  And she says thanks and I was glad I did by job but I also realized with the Thanks that she obviously knew what was going down i.e.. her shorts.

I enjoyed my new tunes and did some singing to "Girls, who runs the world. Girls, who run the world."  Loved it!  

One thing I realized today that I left out of my half marathon must haves was scotch guard and a hat.  Oh yes!  If it's going to be rainy spray your shoes, socks, clothes, spray it all with scotch guard.  Think about it this way, it's like Rain-X for cloth.  I wish I would have used it on my stuff for today's race, I would have been alot less wet, and a lot less cold...I think!

My sweet boy loves getting his hands on my medals so I had to share the pic of him kissing my medal!

More Giveaways!

 Continuing on with our #30dayhomies, of course, we have more giveaways!  This week Sarah from How My World Runs is giving away 4 pairs of size medium Swiftwick socks!  Check out that giveaway here!

This week I'm giving away a Ultra Reflective White Race Hat from Headsweats!  I could have used this yesterday!  This runs through midnight on Friday and is for US residents only.
Photo courtesy of Headsweats website


  1. Atl Hot Choc 15k yesterday. Sore today, so yoga time.

  2. LOL you 'crack' me up ha ha! Thank you for the tip on scotch guard I'll be sure to use that on my next adventure. I hope you recover soon, and wow great job and a PR!! :)
    Saturday my group of friends and I were lucky in the Dallas area - we ran a 5K and about 10 minutes after the festivities were over and driving home the rain hit hard.

  3. Today's workouts include Les Mills Combat 30 Kick Start, ChaLean Extreme Push 2 Circuit, & a1.5 mile walk on the treadmill while watching the Biggest Loser!

  4. Waiting on the rain to let up so I can get my trail run in!!

  5. Ran 5k distance at our MRTT Winter Runnerland Race on Saturday.

  6. todays workout 3 mile run on the treadmill & p90x chest shoulders and triceps :)

  7. Live the acorcho guard tip! Will use that one for sure!

    1. Oops. Keyboard in Spanish . Love the tip! Will definitely use!


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