Giveaway winner + Week 1 Beachbody review

And we have winners...

Congrats Kirsten Diehl and Micky Schembri!  Kirsten won the Beachbody Giveaway and Micky won the Handana Giveaway!  Thank you for everyone that participated and keep an eye out for some great new giveaways VERY soon!

Week 1 Beachbody and Shakeology Review

It hasn't been a full week BUT since I'm providing the names of the winners of the giveaway, I'd like to put my 2 cents in as to how I'm doing with my first week of the RevAbs Challenge. 

Since I have the Houston Half Marathon tomorrow I am going to admit that I haven't fully thrown myself into the challenge.  I am having a few issues (my heel has been sore) that I'm sort of babying until after the race is over.  I did complete three days of the workouts and I was sore after two of them so that's definitely a good thing.

I take being sore as a good thing, sure it may be achey and disabling BUT I know that that muscle pushed it's limits and will be stronger because it worked so hard.  And that makes me happy, especially when it's my abs.  My abs take alot of local work to make them sore so when they are sore, I am glad!

The Shakeology really wasn't that bad.  I was worried it was going to be that grainy tasting wannabe shake with that weird aftertaste.  But I was pleasantly surprised with an actual chocolately taste for the chocolate and fresh clean berry/veggy taste from the Greenberry.  I did add some stuff to make them my own.  For the chocolate I added a Starbucks VIA coffee packet and some Mootopia Lactose Free low fat Chocolate milk and it was delish, I wish I would have added raspberries to taste super yum!  For the Greenberry I added a hand full of spinach, Oikos blueberry greek yogurt, and some milk and I was pretty darn tasty!

I will keep ya'll updated on my progress and I'll even post photos along the way.  I will also let you know different recipes and stuff I add to my Shakes!

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  1. How exciting to be chosen a winner! Whoo hoo


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