EZ Salmon Salad

Get stuck in a lunch rut?  I do and I'm a SAHM!    Truth is I don't have alot of time to make myself a lunch and I'm not a big fan of leftovers.  Lately I've been trying to do better than Totino's pizzas and not going out for lunch!

One thing I've found is HEB's rotisserie chicken salad.  It's made at the store and I love it with Pretzel crisps from Costco.  But it's not exactly the healthiest thing due to all the mayo.

I've committed myself to trying more fish dishes this year.  I bought some Panko breaded cod from Costco last week that was delish with my homemade stir fry.  I really don't like a fishy taste in ANYTHING.  It totally grosses me out!

So for my lunch I've been wanting to do spinach salads and add some protein in the form of meat.  In steps, the Salmon.  I've tried salmon on salads at restuarants and it made the salad so filling and yummy!  So I've been picking up 6 oz filets from the Fresh Fish section at HEB and baking them.  I've seasoned them with soy sauce and Sriracha sauce or lemon pepper with some lemon juice.  I add some garlic salt and Italian seasoning for added tastiness.

Simply place your salmon filet in a oven-friendly dish and drizzle with olive oil and then season.  Cover dish with foil and add to a 400 degree oven for approximately 10-20 minutes.  Just keep checking it.  Online it says till its opaque, well I don't know what the hell that means so I'll say till it white/pink and when you use a fork in the meat it peels nicely.  Yeah, sorry that's vague but it's hard to tell.

Put the meat on some spinach, with roasted red bell peppers, tomatoes, avocados, and cucumbers and drizzle some ranch for some creaminess.  Think of how many veges you are getting in ONE meal!  And other than the ranch, it's all good for you!

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