Cotton Bowl

I've sort of been MIA today!  Yesterday we went to the Cotton Bowl and watched A&M bthoOU!  Today, I've been hungover.  Boo!  Hehe, it was totally worth it because last night was awesome.

My husband's childhood friend Cliffy got us tickets and us and his girlfriend Sarah had a great time.

I was pretty proud of our tickets!  They were even laminated, I kept thinking it needed to be hanging from my neck.  This was my hubs and my's first time to Cowboy's stadium aka Jerry World and it did not fail to impress.  It was HUGE and even though there were tons of people, there were no lines!  I hate waiting in lines and it was nice not having to waste time in them.

The reason for my hangover!

I had a great time hanging out with this girl!  She may be a LSU alum and in love with a Sooner but she's alright in my book!

Coin toss!  Isn't the megatron like AWESOME!

Our 50 yard line seats were perfect.  Just far enough from the field so you had a unhindered view of the whole thing.


I didn't get in a sweat inducing workout today since I was hungover BUT it did go shopping.  So I'm including all that walking as my workout for the day.  Kind of lame but I could have just sat on the couch all day!

Today we got our winners for the Swiftwick and Havasu giveaways!  Congratulations Tina Nelson, I hope you enjoy your Havasu Tumbler!  The winners of the Swiftwick socks are Tammy Labuda, Sylvia Seabolt, Nicole Leibee, and Patti Geesey!

Be sure to check out mine and Sarah's Monday posts for our next weeks giveaways!  They are going to be AWESOME!

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