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I love finding new blogs to read.  Yes, my inbox is overflowing with blogs I subscribe to so I have to share the blogging love by passing on my suggestions to you.  I am always on the look out for new blogs so if you know of a really good one that I need to start reading please suggest away in my comments section!


I found out about Julie on pinterest via someone's pin of one of her circuit workouts.  I followed the pin back to her blog and was instantly hooked.  She is actually one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place.  Her daily musings are addictive and entertaining.  I love that I can totally relate to her and feel like I know her personally even though we've never actually been in contact.

She definitely an inspiration to me on how healthy she eats and how well she comes across in her writing.  I try to find ways to reach out to my readers so they can feel they know me personally.

Check out Julie at pbfingers.com 


I know it's sort of late in the month to be getting out fitness info but I like to share interesting articles that I've found in magazines with ya'll so you can reap the benefits of my strenuous magazine reading.  Notice the sarcasm...

Well, I recently found an article called Supercharge your Metabolism Workout in Fitness Magazine.  Within the article was a blip about RMR.  RMR is your Resting Metabolic Rate or the amount of calories you burn when you do nothing.  I'm not saying it ok to do nothing.  Use your RMR to find out how many more calories you can burn resting by making more use of your workouts.  

Ok, when you lift weights or run, even when you've stopped working out and taken your shower and sat down to watch Vampire Diaries...you are still burning calories.  You are burning that many more calories since you DID work out than you would have if you HADN'T of worked out.

Here's the equation:

(10 x weight(kg)) + (6.25 x height(cm)) - (5 x age) - 161 = calories burned at rest

To find your weight in kg: (weight/2.2)
To find your height in cm: (height x 2.54)

Using me as the example:

(10 x 59) + (6.25 x 170) - (5 x 29) -161= 1,347 calories

So my body burns approximately 1300 calories everyday even if I just sit in bed all day long.


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  1. I will be sweating later with bodyrocktv workout I pinned last night and my plankaday


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