Bally Sport Bra Review + Giveaways!

I have the hardest time finding sports bras that I like.  I just don't get it, I'm an A cup and yet I have to get medium and larget sports bras because they are too tight on my ginormous rib cage!  Anyone else have this issue?  Super frustrating and uncomfortable.  Grrr!

So you can imagine the annoyance when I opened a present from my MIL that contained sports bras.  First thought, "Great, another sports bra that won't fit".  But much to my surprise, these quickly turned into my new favs!

I do want to let ya'll know, I'm not getting paid to write this.  I received it as free product...as a Christmas present (from my MIL).  So this is all just my opinion that I have to share with you!

These came in a two pack bundle with this blue one and a white one (sorry no pic, it was in the wash!).  The material is stretchy and breathable like your dri-fit running clothes.  It has inserts so you can't see when you headlights come on, yes, I have this problem when I workout.  And I seriously think this little clasp in the back is the key to it's super comfy fit.  This bra actually doesn't squeeze my ribs so I can wear it all day long!

My MIL said she got it at Sam's but I've found it on Amazon.

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  1. I too have been on the search for a good sports bra and have the same problem as you! I would definitely choose the sports bra. Thanks for telling us about Handful, I have never heard of them!

  2. These sports bras look really nice! I love that they are padded, I always have the headlight problem....

  3. I have never tried a handful bra before but have ALWAYS admired the company and products - I have an "athletic" chest so padded is a bonus for me (plus then you can't tell if I am cold!). ;)

  4. oh, and I would choose the adjustable bra and I love the new orange crush colour...

  5. I haven't tried their bras before, but I'd get the Adjustable one

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  6. These bras are great- I commute 12 miles a day by bike, and they are comfortable to ride in while also not making me LOOK like I am wearing a playtex 18 hour 4395 at work.


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