White Christmas

Ok, I think this is my last post on Christmas for this year but I have to share.  My both of my kids are so lucky to have had a White Christmas for both of their first Christmas's!

R was 3 months old when we got stuck in a blizzard for 25 hours in our car Christmas Eve 2009.  Not fun, I was scared but my hubs was amazing and got us to Wichita Falls by 5 am Christmas morning.

This year, we were at our home in Fort Worth, Texas and it snowed about an inch yesterday.  Today we came to my in laws in Wichita Falls, Texas and got to play in the snow that was much more plentiful here!

By the way, check out my cool lil blue snowman button on the side bar.  Keep tuned because I have an awesome event coming up in two days, one hint...it's called #30dayhomies!

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