Saturday Shake Down

It's been a crazy busy week.  But good, it was a good week overall!  Unfortunately a dear friend lost her Mom this week but we know she's gone to be with Him.  On the upside I found out something I've been waiting for a month to hear.

Big News

I am officially going back to school.  I am beginning my prereqs to get my Masters in Nutrition and become a Registered Dietician.  This is something I've been dwelling on ever since I graduated from A&M in 2006 and I'm so excited and scared to hit the books again.  It's going to be such a challenge but I'm so blessed with a extremely supportive husband and family.

Menu recap

This week's menu was alot of beef and very one dish is all.  My favorite thing was the Enchilada Roll ups, they were a hit!  I made them a little different than the recipe I found from Chef in Training.  I used refried blacks beans instead of whole beans because it's all I had but I think I'll definitely do it again next time.

My beans and rice were so good!  A simple crock pot meal I'll be sure to post next time I make it.  We had friends and their kids come over to eat dinner because it made so much and they were all raving about it.  Yum, beans, rice, and corn bread!

The chili was also a new recipe and I used what I had at my house.  I used beef instead of turkey and I didn't have any beans.  I wasn't too big of a fan of the chili so I made some mac and cheese and just put the chili on top of the mac.

Holiday Link Up Series

Thanks for coming by the Advent Calendar link up and please hop on over to House on the Way tomorrow for her Table Decor Link Up.  I will definitely be linking up some of my centerpieces I have around my house!  Keep in mind the following link ups so you can show off your stuff!

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Next week: Christmas crafts at Homemade Ginger

If you are looking for some cute Elf on the Shelf ideas check out my Everything Elf on the Shelf Link up for some fun stuff.

Stay tuned...

Get ready for Sunday...yes, I love watching my football but if that's not your thing I have a great Holiday special being revealed for next week!  

Also, Sunday morning I'll be running my third Half Marathon in Dallas, Tx.  I'm going for a PR but I'll let you know I soon as I can post race.

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