Paper Mache Christmas trees

I've been eyeing these cute little decor trees they have everywhere.  Unfortunately they are all more than I'm willing to pay!  So I picked up some foam cones from the Dollar Store for $1 a piece and made some paper mache trees of my own!  

I used some foil and duck tape to secure it and wrapped it in Saran wrap so the cast would come off easily.

Ta da!  Paper mache tree!  I would definitely suggest leaving the bottom of the cone un-mached so you have something to grab ahold of when you are trying to remove the cone.

Then you can add the decorations.  I had three different molds so I made three different textures.  I used some green yarn for my first.  I simply used hot glue to attach the yarn and added it as I looped it around the tree.

The second I spray painted white and covered it with mod podge and white glitter.

The third, I'm not going to lie, still isn't finished.  I had some coffee beans I thought might look so woodsy and natural.  But unfortunately it takes forever to hot glue coffee beans to a paper mache cone so it's only half done!  

 Hopefully I'll get it done in the next day or so!

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