No Resolutions!

I am not a resolutions type of gal.  Very year after Christmas I just fret about what I'm going to do different next year and each year I try to avoid all the "So what is your resolutions for next year" questions because I am quiet embarrassed about not having a big list all ready of what I'm going to change about myself.

Thing is, I try to keep on these sorts of things all year.  If I want to change myself, I'm going to attack the issue when it arises versus waiting because, honestly, I'll probably forget about it and then it'll just never get done.

But I understand this works for other folks, why else has it stuck around this long?  So I'm finding a middle road and I think this will be a fantastic challenge for both of us extremes.

I read an article in Self mentioning Kristen Bell's twitter challenge to her friends last year.  It was called #30dayhomies and she was challenging them to "help friends get off their hiney holes" and do something active every day for 30 days.  I love the idea!  I love to work out but I don't do it every day so I thought this would be a super charged way to jump into the New Year with something fun to do!

Interested?  Check it out...

She cooks, She crafts, She Runs


This is about you and what you can do for YOU!  We are making a vow to you that we will do something active every day for 30 days, but you have to make that same vow to us.  

Starting January 1st, do some thing active, whether it's walking the dog, doing some 1 minute planks, or running a marathon, every day through January 31.  The gimmick, you HAVE to tweet, leave a blog comment, or post on our Facebook pages WHAT you did, EVERY DAY with the #30dayhomies in the comment and tag one of us hostess bloggers!  Also, grab the blue button code above and use it in one of your posts declaring your dedication to #30dayhomies, link to my page, and leave me a blog post comment telling me of your dedication and I'll be sending you some Sweat Pink shoelaces!

As for your daily commitment, just get your workout on and post to one of the three venues and one of the three bloggers but you MUST be accountable every single day.

Check out my fabulous cohostess,  Sarah from How My World Runs.  She's a fellow runner and workout enthusiast!

Run out of ideas?  Get bored easily?  Well we are here to help you with that too.  Check out our blogs for fun circuits, elliptical workouts, ab attack ideas, or just things to do outside that will keep your workout brain challenged.

And we couldn't ask all this without some rewards (other than your banging bod), we have TONS of great giveaways we'll be unveiling all month long to keep your motivations revved up.

If you are in it to win it, it's super easy to get started.

1.  Register here and grab the buttons.  Please place the small blue snowman #30dayhomies button that is on the top of my sidebar somewhere on your Facebook and blog.  Please grab the blue snowflake button shown up above in this post and include in a post on your blog showing your commitment and tweet or facebook it.

2.  Leave a blog post comment on my blog letting me know you reposted the blue button above, leave a link to your post, and your email so I can get your info to send your free shoelaces to you!

3.  Stay accountable!  EVERY SINGLE DAY tweet, Facebook comment, or leave a comment on my blog telling me what you did and use the #30dayhomies to trend it.
Here's an example:
@mamafbfan Ran 1 mile and did 10 lunges! #30dayhomies

4.  Keep your eyes open for our super awesome giveaways we'll be having all month long!  Sneak peak alert ***Handanna, Columbia Muddy Buddy, Nuun*** Just a few of the TONS of prizes we are giving to YOU!

Have questions?  Feel free to leave a blog comment and I will happily get back to you to make you successful.


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is cute! Looking forward to checking it out some more. :)


  2. Sounds like a fun challenge! Thanks for linking up at Craft Buds!

  3. Good luck on your 30 days! I have a similar mind=set about resolutions! :) Thanks for sharing at the Humble Brag!


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