Holiday Gift Guide: Workout Enthusiast

We continue on with out gift guide with a list devoted to that person in your life that loves to sweat.  I try to work out everyday so this list was quickly compiled for me.

This list is quite a bit of items that make up my Christmas wish list.  It ranges from very affordable to semi pricey but it covers a range of workout uses.

  • Yoga Blocks: I have practiced yoga since I was in high school but recently I've just fallen in love with it.  These little babies are great for beginners as well as experts.  They help you balance and get just a little bit more into that pose. ($10)

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  • Yoga socks:  It's winter, my toes are always cold, and you aren't supposed to wear socks during yoga because you can't grip.  I do have a pair of Vibram Five Fingers but I prefer bare feet in yoga.  But I saw a girl in my class with these socks on that have little grippers on the bottom and they look simply awesome.  ($15 for 2 pair)

Photo courtesy of Gaiam.com

  • Resistance bands:  These babies are great for strength training and for helping reach the extent of the stretch that for whatever reason your body just keeps resisting! ($10)

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  • Bondi bands:  These snazzy headbands are all the craze in the running world.  You can design your own or get one of their pretty patterns. ($8 - $16)

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  • Vera Bradley gym bag:  This is getting a little on the pricier side but what lady doesn't want to have a cute gym bag? The one I found that is on my wish list because it's just big enough and it's a great over the should fit.  They have totes in a variety of sizes.

  • Kettle bells: These are the new free weights.  I keep finding super cook excerises to use these babies in.  They are great for men and women.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

  • Waist band for phone:  At the marathon expo this weekend there we some super cool new waistbands for holding your stuff while you run.  I got one from Luke's Locker but there was another that was all stretchy material that was super cool. ($25)  But there was also a really nice one call FlipBelt that I want for the gym that was about the same price. 
  • Garmin watch:  So I use my Nike Running app when I on runs around my neighborhood, but I always use my Forerunner 305 Garmin watch.  I love that I can merely glance down and get that quick snapshot of how fast I'm running and how far I've gone.  I know their are other watches out there but every runner I've talked to has a Garmin and speaking from experience I LOVE mine.  You can't go wrong here.


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