Holiday Gift Guide Series + Dallas Half Playlist

It's two weeks till Christmas and if any of ya'll are like me, well, you may not have all your presents wrapped, have all your presents bought, or maybe you haven't even started shopping!  If I hadn't started shopping my anxiety would be through the roof!  I have been tossing around ideas for my loved ones and I am pumped to share some with you to help get your brain in gear no matter where you are in your  holiday gift giving.

December 10th: The Cook in your life
December 11th:  DIY Christmas Presents
December 12th:  For the Workout Enthusiast
December 13th:  It's for the guys life
December 14th:  For the Ladies and Mamas
December 16th:  Stocking stuffers and group kids gifts

This morning I ran my third half marathon but my first long distance race since I ran the 2011 Houston Marathon.  I unfortunately didn't get any pictures except the one of my watch at the end with my 1:52 finish time.  Prior to this run my PR was 1:56 and I was hoping to beat it by 1-2 minutes but I smashed it by 4 minutes! I'm so happy about my new PR and am looking for to my next half in January in Houston in a relax way because I am proud of my PR and don't feel a need to beat it...right now at least!

Since I don't have any pictures I wanted to share a snippet of my playlist with you.  I'm kinda a dork for pop songs so please don't laugh!  Something about the booty shaking bass pumping that makes me keep up my pace and continually charged during my runs.

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