Holiday Gift Guide: Here's for the boys!

We all have a man in our life that is impossible to shop for.  He has everything, he wants nothing.  Well here's a few gifts that might fit the bill or at least get your brain going in a new direction.

  • Monogrammed Golf Balls:  It sounds kind of boring but if your man in question loves golf then he will always need golf balls.  The men I know like getting gifts that they need and will use.  The monogramming just adds a little personal touch.  ($1.50- $4/each)
  • Electric Razor:  So there's tons of them out there but that just means you have a range depending on how much you can spend.  My hubs loves his I got him last year because it means he doesn't have to shave everyday. 
  • Fogless Shower Mirror:  My hubs was told about this from some of his friends and he LOVES it.  He had a "fog less" mirror before but it was totally lame and did not work.  He has been using this exact one for a year and it is still awesome. ($29.95 without light, $49.95 with light)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

  • Shutterfly Desktop calendar:  Does this man have a desk at work that has a big empty spot just calling for your family's smiling faces?  Check out Shutterfly's great selection of styles for all kinds of calendars.  I've gotten 4 for my family members to enjoy the whole next year.  The quality is fantastic and they have super fast delivery and great discounts.
  • Customized Belt or Flask:  Mandy from Double S Leatherworks makes so many things that are completely customizable and well made.  She showcasing a design in my current giveaway but you should check out her website and see what you can find that will be just perfect for your man in question. www.doublesleatherworks.com


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