DIY Christmas Burlap Signs

I'm loving the cute Burlap decor fad right now.  I made a "Witches feet" sign for Halloween and my girlfriends loved it so much that I decided to have a little get together to help them make one of their own.  I gave them the choice of the Santa above or the Rudolph that I drew below.


  • 1 yard burlap folded in half
  • Mod podge or fabric stiffener
  • tempera or acrylic paint
  • sponge brushes
  • jingle bells
  • Red nose for Rudolph
  • plastic bags
  • thin wire
  • tulle or ribbon
  • metal clothes hanger

Apply mod podge or fabric stiffener to burlap that is folded in half like above, this will help you not have to use so much paint.  Be sure to have something behind the burlap because the applied product will soak through and do this step 1+ days before you want to paint.  I just used a old plastic table cover that I saved from a birthday party.  

I drew the Rudolph and Santa on 4 pieces of cardstock that I taped together and cut it out so I had a pattern to follow to cut the burlap to.

Just lay the outline on top of your burlap and have a cutting safe background under the burlap.  After it is cut out use fabric glue to glue the edges all together.  I found it easiest to use my fingers to apply and press it together as I made my way around the edge of the pattern.  Be sure leave a small opening at the bottom of the pattern that you can get your hand through to push the plastic bags into to make the side dimensional.

 Start painting.  You can follow the basic colors from the examples above or make your own changes.

Once you're done painting let it dry mostly and make sure the glue is dry.  In the Rudolph cut a metal clothes hanger so it is just long enough to fit the height of each antler and gently reach into your creation and push the wire so it fits in the antler and repeat on the other side. 

Now fill the inside of your creation to your liking with plastic bags and glue the hole shut.  To give yourself something to hang it with you need to cut two small holes on each side and loop some thin jewelry wire through and to your desired length, mine was about 1 1/2 feet.  On the Rudolph you cut one hole on the base of the head where the antler begins on the outer side.  On the Santa, I made the holes on either side of the base of his hat. 

We made a Santa and a Rudolph and they turned out so cute!  My friend added ribbon and a cute bow tie.  I added jingle bells all over Santa's beard because I thought it would be cute.

Menu Planning

This is a pretty laid back week.  

MONDAY:  Going to a friends for dinner...Yay!  I don't have to cook!
TUESDAY:  Meatloaf and stuffed tomatoes.  OMG!  I found a recipe on Pinterest and modified it for extra awesomeness by adding red bell peppers and I'm going to try some ricotta cheese this time around.
WEDNESDAY:  Crockpot cubed steak.  Modified it from my SIL Pinterest recipe find.  This is sooo good!
THURSDAY:  I'm going out of town so no cooking for me!


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  2. Love the craft ideas. They are so cute!!

  3. What a great idea! And I love that you post your meal plan! :)

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  5. Cute craft idea! I'm loving everything burlap lately, and this is another fun way to use it!

  6. Fantastic tutorial. I found you thru a link-up at 4youwithlove blog where you were featured (along with me). I loved her idea of featuring a few newer bloggers and I am payiing it forward! Merry Christmas.

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