Dinner Menu for 12/3-12/7

I'm still figuring out how I'd like to organize my posts every week and one of the new items I want to incorporate is my weekly dinner menu.  My SIL made me an adorable Menu display for my kitchen and will be guest starring on my blog soon for how to make it so until then you have to stay in suspense for the full cuteness!

For now, I do have my menu plan for this week to share.  My hubs and I are trying to budget our lives and one way I figure I could contribute control would be by planning my dinners out weekly.  I tried monthly a year ago and it was way too hard!  So weekly it is.

This week we are trying out two new recipes I found on Pinterest that I'm pumped about!

MONDAY:  Enchilada Roll Ups from Chef in training, this is my first time making it today so I will let you know how easy it is and how the fam likes it!  But as far as I'm concerned, enchiladas and lasagna sound awesome to me!

TUESDAY:  Chili from Maddalee oh so pretty! I found a 200 calorie Turkey chili recipe but I'm subbing lean ground beef because I have some in the freezer

WEDNESDAY:  Red beans and rice with sausage

THURSDAY:  Tacos, Ole!

FRIDAY - SATURDAY:  Left overs and out to eat.  I don't cook on the weekends!  Well, maybe little things like grilled cheeses.

SUNDAY:  We've incorporated my MIL chili dog Sunday tradition.  Hey, I get the good no nitrates hot dogs and turkey chili and we just eat them on whole wheat bread so I don't feel so bad!

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