Best of 2012: Movies I saw

I like a good movie.  But I'm just not really a big movie person.  The whole spending two plus hours of my day sitting watching a show is just too much time idle as far as I'm concerned.  But every now and then I will watch one and I'll actually like it!

  • BEST IN THEATER:  The Dark Knight Rises.  My hubs and I saw this about a week after the massacre.  I was petrified to go but my hubs has his CHL and I always feel safe with him and I really wanted to see this movie AND we had a babysitter, so I had to go!  Despite all the terrible circumstances surrounding the movie release, it was actually a really good movie.  I didn't understand anything that Bane said but the twists were totally unpredictable and I love that I didn't know what was going to happen.

  • CHICK FLICK:  I don't think I even need to put this down because it was strictly for chicks!  Hello, Magic Mike!  Hmmm, yes, Channing Tatum is HOT! 'Nough said.

  • LOVE/ACTION: I'm sure this would be considered a chick flick but This Means War was sweet.  My hubs and I saw it with my two month old in the movie theater because I was nursing and couldn't leave her that long so I was nursing a baby in the theater!  I think Reese is a class act and she had two hotties fighting over her.  Semi predictable but I liked it, it was quirky.

  1. Crazy Stupid Love - This was so cute.  The twist was perfect and the actors were great!  Funny and engaging and my hubs and I watch it whenever we run out of DVR shows.
  2. Snow White and the Huntsman - Liam is a hottie even though Kristen is sorta lame.  Whateve, it was a good show.  Charlize Theron was an amazing evil witch!  I love the turn on the typical story of Snow White to make it dark!
  3. Red Riding Hood - Maybe not a great movie but it was entertaining.  Apparently everything has gone dark but it was popcorn worthy.

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