Best of 2012: Books I read

I LOVE the radio marathons of all the tops songs from the year that play on New Years Eve.  I'm totally one of those people that hear a song and immediately am taking back to a memory.  Sure some of the memories I might would rather forget but usually it's that warm, fuzzy feeling of something from my past that comes rushing back to me.

Today, I'm taking you down my 2012 road of reading.  I love to read.  I totally get whipped into buying a book by it's cover and title and summary.  Sometimes, just sometimes I'll read a book because it's been referred to me but I have to be in a certain mindset for a book and it just has to tickle my fancy!

2011, was the year I read all of the Harry Potter's. 2010 was the year I read all of the Chronicles of Narnia (yes, I know they are old but that's just when I got around to it).  2009 I spent an entire month with my nose in the Twilight books whenever I possibly could!

This year, I guess was the year of 50 Shades.  Yes, I read them.  But I really didn't think it was all that great.  The love story was sweet but I thought it all was just overplayed and predictable.  Seriously, the handsome, filthy rich guy falling in love with the poor I-had-no-idea-I-was-cute girl and her being kidnapped or threatened and him saving the day is just too predictable for my taste.

Whateve, here's some of my favorite reads that I read this year (notice this does NOT say published this year because I don't think they were all released this year).

  • QUICK READ: Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger
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Seriously I love Lauren Weisberger.  She has these great quick reads that take me straight to NYC living the glam life!  This particular book was a slower mover than most but still good.

  • PARANORMAL:  Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness
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I don't really know what these books should be categorized under but I would call it a Paranormal love story.  This is the second of the All Souls Trilogy and I LOVED the first and this one.  Seriously, it's about a witch and a vampire that fall in love and time walk.  Can it get any cooler than that?

  • HISTORICAL FICTION:  So this is a big list.  I have a terrible habit of falling in love with a series and when it's over I feel so empty because the whole thing is all over!  This is why I love historical fiction.  I can get taken to another time and place and live a life with someone I've only known a little bit about, like their name.
  1. Madame Tussand by Michelle Moran - All I knew about Madame Tussand was there is a wax museum with the name.  I had no idea she lived during the French Revolution and was caught on this tightrope between the common life and the King's family.  Very well written and I could not put it down.
  2. Three Maids for a Crown by Ella Marth Chase - 3 sisters are royal cousins with an insanely ambitious father.  So good!
  3. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory - This is about Elizabeth Grey and her family.  I have been scouring the bookshelves for books about this family every since reading this and the next book.
  4. The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory - About Elizabeth Grey's mother and it's so good.  It's starts out with a bit about Joan of Arc even.
  5. Roma by Steven Saylor - I found this one at Costco and was fascinated by it.  It's a history of ancient Rome through the life of a family.  Lots of drama and ties in pieces of history you already know to make the timetable relatable. 
I hope I have as many good books on my lineup next year.  I have a few on my Amazon wishlist that I hope to get to.  If you have any great books please tell me about them so I can check them out myself.

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