Best of 2012: Best Music

This was a fun to make list.  I love listening to all different sorts of music and since I've been pretty much only listening to Christmas music until today, it made all these songs seem new again!  I was slightly forlorn to turn on my car today and the Christmas station had gone back to the Variety station that it is for 11 months of the year.

Well, I've gone through the Billboard top 100 of this year to remind me of songs that have come out over the year and I had so much fun remembering! 

  • Somethin' 'bout a truck, Kip Moore - this song just makes me want to go back to college, crack open an ice cold beer, and feel the hot sunshine on my shoulders.  Seriously, it is like 20 degrees right now and I can listen to this song and feel like I'm in the middle of summer!
  • Some nights & We are young, Fun. - Some nights is a quick reminder of when my SIL was in the hospital after she delivered my nephew.  The nurses were listening to it and it just made me feel so happy.  We are young is a great sing a long in the car at the top of your lungs, I mean who doesn't love to do that?
  • Goodbye in her eyes, Zac Brown Band - The Zac Brown Band did it again.  They've come out with a song that I do enjoy BUT it still sounds like the rest of their songs so...
  • Red, Taylor Swift's new album - ok, I know this isn't just one song but I love Taylor Swift so I had to write her whole album on here.  Her music takes me back to when I was in high school and appropriately describes so many difficult feelings you go through in adolescence and she's a class act.  What a great role model for our young girls!
  • Home, Phillip Phillips - I don't watch American Idol anymore so I don't really know his story but I do know I like this song.  Good stuff!
  • 21, Adele - I love Adele and all her throatyness!  Sassy and splash.
  • Somebody I used to know, Gotye - My hubs likes this song so much that he made it his ringtone.  We saw them on SNL and they sounded awesome.
  • Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepson - She is so darn cute!  And this is definitely a poppy sing along song that doubles as a peppy running song.
  • Starships, Nicki Minaj - So Nicki is kind of strange but some of her edgy-punk-rap is great for my workout mixes.
  • Sexy and I know it, LMFAO - Sad they broke up but this song is fun to workout to.  It helps me rev up my engine to try to talk myself up.
  • I won't give up, Jason Mraz - Pulls at my heart strings.  Jason Mraz makes great music and this song did not fail in the greatness department.
  • Boyfriend, Justin Bieber - The Biebs made my list.  I have not been a fan of his music until this year.  I'm still slightly creeped out by how young he is but I have to admit the kid can make a beat bump.
  • Ni**as in Paris, Jay Z & Kanye - When this song comes on and I'm running I get PUMPED UP!  "What does that even mean? No one knows..."
  • Tailgates and Tanlines, Luke Bryan - Takes me back to high school pasture parties!
  • Pontoon, Little Big Town - I want to go to the lake NOW!
  • Domino, Jessie J - Poppy, fun and I want to sing along.
  • Want you back, Cher Lloyd - Geez, I'm such a sucker  for pop songs...
  • Red Solo Cup, Toby Keith - As much as I don't want to like this song I can't help but sing along.  Toby Keith was awesome back in the day but this song made me want to go play Beer Pong.
  • A Thousand Years, Christina Perri - This came out last winter and I remember turning it up everytime I heard it.  Home girl has got a beautiful voice.
We'll as strange and random my list is I couldn't leave any off.  See any you can't live without, look below and go get them for your own playlist.

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