Treadmill Speedwork

3.75miles total

This Wednesday was my tempo day for my half marathon training.  I did a mashup of my half marathon training and this Sub-45 min 10k training plan for my speed work.  Above is what I came up with.

So it might look a little cryptic but I'll give you the translation.  Easy/Easy Pace means a nice comfortable jog is a pace that you could run 5 miles at.  So you run your first 1/2 mile at that easy pace plus 30 seconds so you get a nice comfortable warm up I did this as a 10:30 pace.  RP means Race Pace, I pushed myself and did a 7:53 pace.  

I totally loved this work out because I had to really pay attention.  Usually on the treadmill I get so bored I just stare at the distance and pray for it to move faster.  But this workout made me work hard enough that I was breathing hard that I was thankful to be able to slow down for the easy lap!  I ran through this workout so fast that I had to double check I had ran the proper distance!  I love efficient and effective workouts.  I walked away from this treadmill sweaty and satisfied!

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