Handy Turkeys

I've been wanting to do a fun craft for Thanksgiving and I've been racking my brain for something.  So I go to one of my favorite places for inspiration...Pinterest.  I made turkey hand prints last year and sent out "I'm thankful for you because..." from my son to family members  but this year I wanted to do something that involved the whole family since we now have our little girl.  

I checked out my craft room and I just happened to have a 16 x 20 canvas hanging out in the closet.  So I set off to my paint box to find colors for a hand turkey or turkeys I should say!  I pulled out a brown for the body, flesh for the head, and four different finger colors for the feathers.  As an after thought I pulled the red and black for the legs and beard.

I painted my 3 years olds hand and constantly reminded him to keep his hand open.  Yes, constantly through the rushed 2 minutes it took for us to cover each finger and his palm with the correct colors.  If it was up to him the paint would have all been mixed together and probably all over our dining area!

Amidst, my hubs taking pictures of me trying to show his hand (notice no close ups? the hubs doesn't really do cameras) I had to share with your the fantastic faces he got from my son and me.  Funny!

Notice my 9 month olds turkey on the far left is more of a Picasso style bird but it's very hard to get that much coordination from a baby that old! I was laughing the whole time!  Oh and for her hand instead of coloring it all like we did R's above we just did one color at a time because it's almost impossible to keep little ones hands open very long.

With their eyes, legs, and beards that I painted on after the rest had dried for 10-15 minutes.

And I finished it up with some writing using paint pens.  Definitely not as beautifully written as Letters by Jane but it'll do!

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