Birthday Day!

I have been gone for far too long! I've had a very hectic weekend, some good and some bad. I'm going to try to get my Try it Tuesday post up for tomorrow but I'm not going to guarantee it after the change of events the last two days. Well, today is my birthday. Had a wonderful day with family and even got some of my favorite green sauce! But a shadow has hung over the day. Let me forwarn you, NEVER clean your computer when you are tired! I decided to clean up my hard drive with Mackeeper Saturday night after getting home from tailgating all day at my Pearland peeps annual tailgate (more later!). I was annoyed because my computer was running so slow. Well, Sunday morning when I was fixing to upload some pictures to write a post and my iphoto library was GONE! I was devastated and didn't have time to figure out what was going on. I've been spending the last two days trying to get it back to normal and only found the pictures in the trash last night! I spent my road trip today trying to refix my library that had somehow been quadrupled to 50,000+ pictures, only to just now almost delete them again. Then, my library perfect as can be suddenly just popped back up all organized but I don't know where the files are coming from! So I am just downloaded everything to Shutterfly and going to start all over! I swear, I'll be back very soon with my fun "Paper Mache Turkeys" for you to do with your kids for Thanksgiving! And thanks for all those that came to my link up!


  1. Hope you still had a great birthday despite all the odds!

    1. THank you! We are finally back up and running! Happy Thanksgiving!


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