Veggie added burger

How many times have you gotten some burgers out of your fridge and thought "Ehhh, I guess we'll just have burgers."  It doesn't have to be so!  There is an easy way to dress it up with LOTS of veggies.

I already had asparagus and an avocado so I picked up some peppers(I prefer all red but a trio was all Aldi had) and mushrooms.  First I roasted the peppers so the skin would come right off and roasted red peppers are AMAZING.  Merely cut in half and take out the stems.  Spray some Pam on a foil covered sheet and drizzle some evoo on top of the peppers and stick them in the oven on a top rack with the oven on broil.

Keep an eye on your peppers because you don't want them to really burn.  Mine actually ended up a bit overcooked.

Check out those roasted bell peppers!  Once they've cooled, you simply peel the skin off.

And I'm a super fan for not using a bunch of dishes...yeah, "I love cleaning up tons of dishes" said no one ever!  So when you've peeled you bell peppers and sliced them you can put them aside and go to the next veggies.

Slice the mushrooms and get the asparagus ready and put them on the pan the peppers just came off of. Drizzle a little evoo over them and some Nature's Seasonings and stick it in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes.

Sorry for the dark pictures but the burgers are awesome.  I toasted a piece of wheat bread and put a little Ranch dressing on it with the bell peppers and mushrooms.  Then the burger with slices of avocado and a piece of melted swiss or provolone cheese.  I served my asparagus on the side(much more substantial than french fries!) and some quinoa.

I hope you've been inspired to make your own vegged out burger!

What is your favorite thing to put on a burger?

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