Sorry for the TMI but...

When you are a runner, hang nails happen! If you don't have this problem you are a lucky one!

The suspects!
When I do have the time, ie. someone to watch my kiddos, I get pedicures and they do a great job of getting rid of the pesky buggers. But sometimes my lady will look at me and wag her finger and mumble something about "you let me get. You don't do". Well, that's not always an option, when the hang nail starts to ache, I go to get them.

And usually I do a terrible job and end up with painful infected toes. Have no fear Epsom salt is here!

Epsom salt foot bathes are my secret weapon! You can get Epsom salt at the grocery store or drug stores for a few dollars and it is seriously a miracle elixir!

All you need is a tub just big enough for your feet and deep enough so you can cover your toes with water. Heat up 3-5 cups of water til almost boiling and put in the tub with 1-2 cups Epsom salt and stir to help dissolve the salt. Get a pitcher of cool water and try to put your feet in the hot water and add the cool water simultaneously till the water bath is just barely too hot. The water cools pretty quickly and you are aiming to keep your feet in the bath for 5-10 minutes so keeping it a little too hot makes the warmth last longer.
Don't mind the bandaid, blame my clumsiness!
 Love my toenails? I heart my chevron Jamberry's!

Usually by the time I take my feet out, my sore toes feel SO much better. And if it's not immediate relief, they are usually right as rain within hours. If your toes get worse, try the bath again or call a doc. Yes, I've had to break down and get put on antibiotics due to my careless clipping before.  And just in case you are wondering, my boo boo is all better!  Thanks to the healing powers of Epsom Salt!

Good luck and hope you have happy toes!

What do you think is the most painful part of being a runner?


  1. I have gotten a hangnail once in my life and hope to never get one AGAIN!! At least your toes are cute though! :) The tops of my toes and bottom of my foot always get sore. I run in the Nike Free Runs but maybe I need a shoe with more support. Even though I LOVE my free's because they are so light. What shoes do you run in?

    I am LOVING your blog! I am a new follower and I would love for you to join my site as well!


    1. Thanks! I got a pedi like 2 weeks ago after a mud run and try to do pumice stone every night. I used to run in Asics and Adidas but since I've started doing half marathons and marathons I LOVE LOVE LOVe Brooks and Mizuno. They are AMAZING!

      Btw I hopped on over to your blog and it's great! I'm always looking for yummy healthy recipes to spice up our life:) Thanks for the follow, it really means a lot!


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