So sweet scrub!

Love that super awesome sugar scrub from Bath and Body Works? I do! Ever since I was a kid I've loved the smell of jasmine, so anything jasmine goes with me! Unfortunately I'm not a great fan of spending $20 on a 1 cup tub of my fav scrub, so of course, I'm making my own!

My ingredients:

- My old sugar scrub tub all cleaned out, I used acetone nail polish remover or lighter fluid to get the adhesive of the container after taking the label off
- approximately a cup if brown sugar (give or take depending on your container size
- about 1/2 cup of almond oil
- about 1/2 cup of coconut oil
- one or two essential oils (I used around 15 drops of each)

Why it's so expensive in the stores, I don't know! All you do is mix I all together and bam! Homemade sugar scrub.
I found all the ingredients at my HEB except the essential oils. I bought those at Whole Foods. I used jasmine and lavender essential oils because I heart jasmine and lavender is a great sleep aid. Of course I'm always looking for new suggestions so please let me know what your favorite scents are.

What scents do you think would 
make a scentsational combination?

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