Pumpkin Puppy Chow Crunch

My son's Fall party is tomorrow so I made this yummy mix for them to munch.  I actually didn't include the puppy chow part in the one I'm sending to his class.  I figured they'd already have enough sugar in their systems without the added white chocolate, caramel, and powdered sugar!  So this is what his looked like.

Chex cereal I used rice and wheat but whichever kind you like works
Crunch n munch Caramel popcorn, hmmm
Chocolate crackers aka Teddy Grahams
Reese's pieces
Candy corn
Halloween candy corn mix i.e.. the pumpkins and like
M&M white chocolate candy corn colored if you love white chocolate, you love these!
White chocolate chips
Caramels I would totally suggest getting a big chunk of caramel vs the candy's, unwrapping is annoying!
Powdered sugar
Pumpkin Spice creamer

Melt your caramels and white chocolate chips in a pan.  Cook on low because you don't want to burn it and stir ALOT.

Once it looks like the above add about 1/4 cup creamer and enjoy the delicious smell!  I added another 1/4 cup creamer to get a smoother constituency like below.

Be sure to have your cereal in a big bowl ready to mix.  Add the caramel/white chocolate melt to the cereal and try to stir and get as much coated as you can.  Then add around 2 cups of powdered sugar to coat the cereal.  I apologize for not having a picture but I was not willing to let me 3 year old take picture with my Nikon since my hands were covered in caramel and sugar!  

Throw in the rest with the puppy chow and enjoy!  Nom nom!

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