Pumpkin Preserver

Last week I decided to pick up some pumpkins to help decorate our home for Fall.  I used the decoration pumpkins from Hobby Lobby last year on my front porch but after finding them a half mile down the street 4 or 5 times from the wind blowing them, I decided to go with real ones this year.  I was going to hold off on buying real ones because I figured they would rot sitting outside in the sun and elements but then I saw a pin on Pinterest about how to preserve them.  
There are several different products folks used but Amy from Hey Now, Whoa Now used a liquid floor cleaner and I happened to have a have a huge container of something similar sitting in my laundry room.

So I grabbed my Mr. Clean Home Pro Any Surface cleaner and a rag and slathered it all over my two pumpkins.  It went on shiny but dried fairly quickly.  
Once dry, I stuck my two pumpkins on my front porch.  And as of now, approximately two weeks later, my pumpkins are still in perfect condition AND they haven't taken a trip down the street just because it was a windy day!  

Since Halloween is about two weeks away, I think I'm going to have to take some time this week to decorate these bad mamajamas!  I will keep you posted on the status of this ongoing experiment, hopeful my pumpkins will last till Thanksgiving!

What is your favortie Fall decoration?

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