Homemade birdfeeder

I spent WAY too much time last week driving around looking for pine cones.  Really?  I grew up in East Texas where pine cones were EVERYWHERE!  So tell me if you think this is bad but I ended up having to take pine cones from peoples yards that had a pine tree growing in their front yard.  Hey, I figured I wasn't crossing any fences...right?

Well, I was encouraged into the idea of trying to do a project with my 3 year old one day watching his favorite show, Special Agent Oso.  Oh yes, that's right, but R was pumped to hear we were going to make pine cone bird feeders like Special Agent Oso.

Necessary ingredients: bird seed, pine cones, peanut butter, ribbon, hot glue gun, a cup, a plate, and a pan with sides.  Sorry about the bad picture, my son was so excited to make the bird feeders that I was in a rush to get it ready.

First you need to cut some of the ribbon so it will make a loop and you can hang the pine cone on a branch.  Either tie it in a knot or just cross it and use the hot glue gun to glue the ribbon to the top of the pine cone.

Next put some peanut butter on a plate and roll a pine cone around in the peanut butter till it's well coated with peanut butter.

Then dip it in a cup filled with bird seed and roll it around in the cup to fully coat the pine cone with bird seed.

Lookie there, our first pine cone bird feeder!  

After they were all coated I just sprinkled the rest of the bird seed in the cup on top of the finish bird feeders to try to cover any empty spots.

R was so proud of the bird feeders.  I pretty much made them all but R had fun talking through the whole ordeal about Oso and the birds being hungry and peanut butter so I would definitely say it was a positive project for him to do.  Plus, we will be keeping an eye out at our trees to "watch the birds!"  Educational, right?!

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