Hammys and thighs!

I was able to fit in a small workout before dinner. It was one of those nights when dinner was all but ready so I could tote my little ones with me to the gym for a quick 20 minutes workout.

I decided to devote the majority of my time to the elliptical and finish up with a circuit.

2 minutes at 10 incline and 3 resistance
3 minutes at 17 incline and 3 resistance
3 minutes at 14 incline and 7 resistance
2 minutes at 12 incline and 12 resistance
3 minutes at 8 incline and 14 resistance
2 minutes at 10 incline and 7 resistance
=15 minutes

2 x Circuit
30 seconds wall squat with ball
20 V crunches
10 powerclean with 10 lb dumbbells

So, for a little more explanation for the circuit check the descriptions below:
  • Wall squat:  Lean with your back against a wall.  Now slide down the wall till your knees make a 90 degree angle and your knees are right above your feet.  Your thighs should be parallel to the floor.  To add the ball, hold an exercise ball (the kind you sit on and do crunches on) with the palms of your hands and hold you arms parallel to the ground so the ball should be hovering over your knees. Hold the pose for the time allotted.
  • V crunches: Sit like you are fixing to do normal crunches, now lean slightly back and try to balance on your behind with your calves parallel to the floor.  It helps to hold your arms straight out (very zombie like) and hover them around next to your knees.  To do the crunch, balance in the above position and completing the crunch by bringing your knees toward your chest and then controlling the resistance as you bring them back out to the original position.
  • Powerclean:  Crouch on the floor with one 10 lb dumbbell in each hand on the floor with your knees together.  Keeping ahold of the dumbbells jump up with force keeping legs together and bring the dumbbells to your shoulder height, elbows down, and palms facing away from you.  Now quickly hop out so you look like an "X", so your legs are shoulder distance apart and your hands are above your head, arms straight and are making a diagonal with your leg.  To complete the move, bring your hands back in to the middle movement and jump back down to the starting position.
I hope your thighs burn as much as mine did!

What is your favorite cardio machine?

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