Halloween at our house

I blame my son for this!  So I might have gone overboard, no pun intended, well...maybe.  My son wanted to be Jake from Jake and the Neverland pirates and this is where I stopped myself.

I had some cardboard hanging out in the garage so I broke down the boxes and began taping up sides and fitting them to my wagon we have for the kids.  After making my 9 month old's tulle costume I realized I didn't want to have to carry her the whole time to trick or treat so this was the coolest alternative.

Slowly I was able to get it right and just started to go tape crazy! Once the pieces were all secure, I used spray adhesive to adhere brown mailbox wrapping paper to cover the cardboard to give a clean finish to help the ship look more cohesive.  Then I used a wrapping paper roll to make cannons and some paint to make windows and anchors.

Of course what is a pirate ship without a flag?  I used foam sheets to make a flag that I glued to a wrapping paper roll.

Ta da!  The kids thought it was pretty fun!  I even got them dressed up for the picture taking session.  I called this my practice run! 


  1. That is the cutest thing... and those kids sitting in it are the cutest kids ever!! Sara, you never cease to amaze me.... You can do anything. Rich and Bella are lucky to have you for a Mom!!!!

  2. What a great idea! Even the trick-or-treating transportation is in costume and it's way cooler than a stroller or a plain wagon--great thinking!

    Thanks for sharing it at my linky party and Have fun on Halloween!


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