Half Marathon Training

I thought I'd share with you my training plan.  I started it a week ago but I am going to go through my training with you.  This is my plan generated from Runners World Smart Coach.  It is based on my goal time, what I can run a mile in, and how much I'm willing to run each week.

I am also going to try to incorporate and fastest 10k program I found in Women's Running in this somehow to try to help get my time down.  The last big race I ran was about 1 1/2 years ago and it was the Houston Marathon and I was pretty proud of my 4:16 finish.  But I decided after that exhausting run (I literally sat down and cried in my dad's arms when I finished), I'm sticking with fun, satisfying half marathons.

My first half was the inaugural Rock n Roll San Antonio and I believe I ran a 2:04.  So my second half I was determined to make it under 2 hours.  I totally rocked it and beat my time with a 1:56 half.  For now I'm not sure how feasible and realistic it is to constantly take almost 10 minutes of a PR so I'm giving myself a pretty attainable goal of 1:54.

Are you training for anything right now?  One day I've love to do a triathlon but the hubs hasn't approved the acquisition of a nice bike yet.  Someday...maybe;)

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