Fun Halloween Jars

 I've been seeing Halloween DIY decor everywhere and I haven't been able to do any new Halloween projects yet so...here's my latest.  I've been saving old spaghetti sauce and Goober Grape jars for this project!

You begin by cleaning out the jars and getting the labels off.  I usually soak my in hot soapy water and try to scrub the label off but it that not enough just rub some nail polish remover or lighter fluid on the adhesive and it should come right off.

I used regular acrylic paint that I had left over from some previous projects but you can get these at Hobby Lobby.

You simply squirt a couple tablespoons of paint into the bottom of the jar and put the top on and shake and roll.  Toddlers are great for this part but make sure the lid is on REALLY well and they are rolling the jar on a soft surface, like carpet or a rug.  Definitely need supervision is you are having a little helper!

Once the paint has coated the jar, take the top off and let it air dry for a couple days.  Yes, it takes a couple days because all the leftover paint pools at the bottom and it takes awhile for it to dry.

Then I made a pumpkin face, Frankenstein face, and ghost face on my Silhouette application.  I bought the witch silhouette because I didn't have the time to make one.  I am including my homemade silhouette design for you to use, you can get them here or go to my Silhouette graphics page.

I simply put my faces on the outside of the jars and called it a day.  I'm actually including the designs I made, so you can use them!  My second ghost I ended up cutting down by hand to fit because I didn't pay attention to the size of my jars, but same effect!

What is your favorite Halloween character?

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  1. Very cute project! I have some empty spaghetti jars that would look cute as pumpkins :)

    Dee Dee @ TheSunshineMoms.com


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