Easy Peasy Tomatoes!

You know those evenings you are so focused on your main course that you totally forget about the side dishes?  Well, at our house I always make a central dish, namely some sort of MEAT.  Yes, the hubs is a meat and potatoes kinda guy.  Then I go with a starch (rice, mac and cheese, or some sort of tater) and a vegetable.  Sometimes I just grab vegetables at the grocery store and let the evening sort out itself what I'm going to cook and when. 

Well when the Roma tomatoes start calling my name, I can't pass them up.  This recipe is SO easy and fairly quick to cook, and dirties minimal dishes (yes, a plus in my book!).  If you love roasted or grilled tomatoes then you'll LOVE these.

Pick up 1-2 tomatoes person.  Wash and slice in half as shown.  Turn the oven to 350 degrees.

Spray an oven safe container with sides with a Pam-like spray. Personally I use the off brand olive oil sprays because I feel they are less fattening.  Place the tomato halves in the pan face up and drizzle about 1-2 tbspns evoo (Extra virgin olive oil) over the tomatoes.  You don't need very much evoo, it helps the spices stick to the tomato faces and adds a little moisture while the tomatoes cook.

I used my go tos again.  Suprising, I know.  But just some Nature's Seasonings, Italian seasonings, and some Italian cheese (can be Parmeasan, mozzarella, Romano, etc) are sprinkled on top.  If  you have any fresh Italian herbs slice them up and add them.  I usually add some of my fresh basil and it is simply fantastic!

Stick the pan in the oven for 20 minutes and the tomatoes will be super soft and the cheese melted.


What is your favorite herb in your garden?

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