Dallas White Rock Half Marathon

Today I registered for the Dallas metro PCS Half Marathon. I had been putting off deciding on whether or not to do it since I'm running the Houston Half in January 13th but today I jumped in with both feet!

I was searching for training programs and settled on the Runners World Smart Coach program because you can switch up so many aspects to tailor your program. Unfortunately no program I found incorporated pushing a double jogging stroller with two 20 plus lb kids in it! So I just settled on aiming to break my PR of 1:56 as my basic goal. If you know of a program that incorporates pushing a stroller please let me know!

Part of my decision to run the Dallas half has to do with the charity I'm raising money for. As far as I'm concerned any charity that is raising money for a good reason is good but I have a special soft spot for campaigning for needy kids. Whether they need clothes or a organ transplant it doesn't matter to me, I want I help!

Interested?  Visit my page with the Children's Tumor Foundation to find out more about donating or running with my Team Denver!


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