Cardio + Bosu Ball Circuit

I started my day with a little free time so I headed to the gym for a quick circuit and elliptical workout.  The Bosu ball is a funny object with lots of versatility.  Looks like a workout ball cut in half and can easily be one of those things you walk by at the gym and not want to touch because you don't know what to actually do with it.

Well here's a workout centered around it with a few other elements worked in.

We begin with Bosu crunches.  You flip the ball over so the soft side is up and position your butt in the middle and find a spot that you can balance.  If needed when you lean back you should put your hands on the ground to help you not fall off the ball.  In the video below you can see the Bosu crunch action.

 Next you do stairclimbers, you can jump up and down but this pedestal was too high for me to be 
confident in my lateral skills so I just climbed.

To complete the round, grab a weighted ball.  I used a 10 lb but do what you feel comfortable throwing.  Pick a wall, find a point about 1ft and a half above your head and throw!  But don't for get to catch.  

The second round consists of Bosu push ups(these are my favorite!).  Just flip the ball over and do a pushup.  Here I do the push up on my knees to show the modified(i.e. easier) version but I usually go from my toes to provide the add difficulty.

Lastly, Bosu squats.  Once again you flip the Bosu over so the flat side is on the ground and you stand with both feet on the ball.  Now go from standing and bring your butt down to a seated position.  Usually with a squat you are aiming to get your thighs parallel to the ground and to have your knees over your toes, well the ball adds enough instability to make this normal squat much more difficult so have the regular squat as your goal and go to seated with the best goal in mind.

Following my circuit, I completed the above elliptical workout.  I like to get my thighs a good workout so I reverse my direction of the pedaling throughout my workout.  So when I say foreward your are pedaling normally with a foreward motion and when it says backwards you merely reverse the direction of the pedaling.  

I hope you thighs burn as much as mine were!  Get your workout on!

What is your favorite piece of gym equipment?

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