Aargh nice Pirate!

My sweet pirate!  I am pretty pumped about my first costume that I made all myself.  I am by no means calling it perfect but I figure, hey, they only wear it once!  I began by ripping the seams open on a pair of pjs that my son has and used the leg as a pattern to cut my fabric from.

I will be sure to share some tricks for you that I learned from during my trial.  You are going to have to cut two legs but be sure to flip the second to make the pattern backwards on the material.  Think about it this way, the material is bigger on one side to compensate for the hiney so you need to flip the pattern so the hiney side matches up.

Now make sure both are inside out, sew the leg part together to make a pant leg leaving the crotch area open like the picture below.

 Then I matched up the crotch part so the hiney side was together and sewed it together making sure it was inside out so the seams were not out.

 Now you have the basic pant.

I also ripped out the seam on the pj pants so I could use it on these since the pjs were done-zo.

I fit the elastic onto the waist part of the pants and triple folded it to keep the seams in.  I tried ironing it to help make the fold better but it didn't really help.

As you can see my ironing job, was rough but manageable.  I pinned the fold down and sewed the elastic in.

 Now, when sewing the elastic in DO NOT SEW ON THE ELASTIC.  Looking back it seems like a no brainer but I guess my annoyance at the bad ironing job took over!  If you sew on the elastic then the stretchy quality of having the elastic in is sort of eliminated.  Luckily my son is pretty slim so he could still slide these suckers on.

 I then shredded the bottoms with a rough zig zag and called them his pirate pants and he was so excited.

As for the shirt, I used an actual pattern.  It was the Simplicity 2561 and pattern "C".

The shirt I was wanting was this one.  Cute, easy and simply... that's what I'm talking about!  I needed something that could be done in a naptime session.

So I changed some parts up.  Or I couldn't understand what they were talking about on the pattern directions so I just put it together so it would work "good enough".  Let's just say it definitely looks like a pirate time appropriate shirt, well the sewing level of expertise is anyway.

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