Treasure Hunt!

My son recently got a Jake and the Neverland Pirates bandanna and telescope for his 3rd birthday.  Seeing him running around and saying, "Look Mama, I'm like Jake" inspired me to make him his own little treasure hunt.  I'm not a very great artist so please be lenient on my art!

First, I made a map of my house.  Ok, it's rough, very rough but I was trying to pick out the most obvious and easy to pick out pieces of furniture i.e. landmarks to my son.
Then I made a clue sheet.  I picked objects around the house that I could put the clues by to give my kid a object to look for.

Then I cut them out and put the clue next to the object before it.  I also numbered the area of the clue on the map in the order that they lead to.

So to start out I gave him the pumpkin card and the treasure map.  To be honest, he was very excited to get his treasure map but he had no idea what to do with it so this took a lot of coach and quite a bit of leading on my part to help him understand to think about where in our house the object is that was on the card AND what the object on the card was(my bad drawing skills ego took a hit!)

After reminding him about the pumpkins I had just got that were sitting on the dining table he ran in there and started looking through the telescope to find the clue.  

Next clue was the train table.  The clue is hiding in the depot on the table.  Yes, I had to show him.

Then the next was in the jogging stroller.

And finally...
He found his "treasure" aka fruit snacks!  He had so much fun and he was so proud to find his "treasure".  It's the little things after all!

Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt?

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