Hmm stuffed tomatoes

After some perusing around Pinterest last week I rediscovered a tasty looking picture of some stuffed tomatoes that I had pinned.  I love finding recipes and manipulating them to fit my tastes and nutrition expectations.  

After looking it over I decided to switch it up a bit to match my family and time I could devote to it.  
The ingredients:  
2-3 plump tomatoes
1 cup fresh spinach
1 red bell pepper
2/3 cup mushrooms
about 2 oz cream cheese
1/2 cup shredded cheese of your choice(this Italian blend I usually keep in my fridge)
shredded chicken breast ( added this because I had some left over from another meal)


 1. I diced the bell pepper and mushrooms 
2.  Saute the bell pepper, spinach, and mushroom in 2 tbsp of olive oil on medium until the spinach has wilted
3.  Stir in the cream cheese and shredded cheese(I also added the shredded chicken here just to add some protein to the meal) in the pan on low until just melted
4.  Set aside the mixture to cool a bit and cut into the tomato to dig out the insides.  I left about 1/4 inch of "meat" around the outside to hold it stiffer
5.  Place stuffed tomatoes in a oven safe pan (I love Corningware, I just wish they had handles!) and put in the oven for 20-25 min at 350 degrees

Enjoy!  It's easy and super yummy!

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